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The Agenda as shown includes topics to be discussed by the Board of County Commissioners and for Staff to inform the Board of items and emerging issues that may be of interest and future consideration of the Board.  The topics shown are subject to change without notice.  Be advised that the Board may also discuss any topic relevant to conducting County business.  No decisions are made at Work Sessions.  All documents and items discussed are Work Product. 

Work Session for July 23, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.


CDOT Region 5 - Regional Transportation Plan - Sidny Zink (Transportation Commissioner)


Weed & Pest Department Update - Ethan Proud


Land Use Regulations Review of Approvals for Utility Towers


Possible Participation in COGCC Rulemaking on 19SB181 - Todd Weaver


Admin Report


Other Items of Mutual Interest