County Surveyor

The Archuleta County Surveyor is an elected office historically legislated to provide clarity and weight to the location of county boundaries within Colorado.  In modern times the County Surveyor position has developed into a more diverse role.  Today, the Archuleta County Surveyor's office is available to the County Commissioners and Manager whenever they see a need for field or boundary surveys.  In addition, the County Surveyor performs technical and professional reviews of documents submitted by owners and developers to the Archuleta County Development Services Director, Planning Commission, or County Commissioner's office.

Although an elected position, the County Surveyor must be a registered Professional Land Surveyor within the State of Colorado.  In addition this individual is usually well established within Archuleta County as a practicing surveyor.  He or she is most likely familiar with state statues and county codes dealing with boundaries and land development, as well as particulars associated with specific areas within the county and their boundary issues or use development issues.

Individuals seeking advice from the Archuleta County Surveyor's office should be aware that legal advice cannot be given, and boundary advice will only be given on general questions about process, general concerns, or direction to specific statutes or codes of interest. Project specific questions on boundaries will be answered by referring individuals to practicing professional surveyors or firms within the local area.

Please note that the boundary lines as depicted on the Archuleta County GIS mapping site are not calibrated to the satellite imagery presented. These lines cannot be taken as referenced to any road, tree, or house image, and in many cases are tens of feet from where an accurate boundary survey will determine. See disclaimer below. 

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