Vacation Rental Permits

Permitted Vacation Rentals (as of: 01/16/2024)

Vacation Rentals are also referred to as short-term rentals or "STR's" for short.


The moratorium on new vacation rental permits has been lifted. 

  • You may now apply for a new vacation rental permit by clicking the link below. 
  • If you are buying a property that has a current Vacation Rental Permit at the time of closing, you will be given 30 days after closing to submit your application for a new VRP.
  • During this period, you will be able to keep bookings made by the prior owner/operator on the property, but will NOT be able to advertise for additional bookings until and unless the VRP is Approved.

Please note: A Vacation Rental Permit, or short-term rental (STR), does not transfer from seller to buyer upon change of property ownership. New owners must apply for their own permit BEFORE they begin advertising their property for short-term rentals. 

Apply for New and Renewal VRPs Online


  • Click the link above or to begin the renewal process.
  • You MUST submit your full renewal application including payment BEFORE the expiration date on the old permit, or your account will be CLOSED. Once an account is closed, you will need to submit your application as a new permit using the link above or below.
  • Renewal applications will not be accepted until you are within 90 days of the expiration date on your current permit.  

Permit Denials

  • If your dwelling is not compliant with regulation standards on the date of inspection, your permit may be denied. We will no longer hold permits in pending status while non-compliant, non-structural issues are remedied. A permit will only be held in pending status for 30 days to allow time to fix non-compliant, non-structural issues. The permit will be denied after 30 days with no extension for uncorrected issues. 
  • If your permit is denied or closed, fines for renting without a permit will begin 30 days after notice is delivered unless all advertisements are removed. 

Please Email Melissa Ryan at  for more information. 

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