Vacation Rental Permits

As of October 2018, you may use your dwelling as a short-term rental less than 30 days at a time, with an Archuleta County Vacation Rental Permit (Administrative Conditional Use Permit). In July 2018, the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners adopted Section 5.5.6 Vacation Rentals in the Archuleta County Land Use Regulations (click on side bar) for short-term rental of any legal dwelling in the county. A Vacation Rental Permit must be approved before you begin short-term rentals. 

***NOTICE: Archuleta County is currently in the process of implementing a new online application program for Vacation Rentals. The new online program will go live between January and February of 2020. If you have a renewal pending or wish to submit a new Vacation Rental application, we ask that you be patient until the online program is activated. For more information regarding Vacation Rentals, you may contact Pam Flowers, Code Enforcement Officer with Development Services, at or 970.264.8381***

Call today to schedule a required Pre-Application Conference BEFORE completing a Vacation Rental Permit application, 970.264.8381 (8-4 Mountain Time, M-F).

Applications include:

  1. Local Owner/Representative, available to respond within one hour, 24/7.  
  2. Site Sketch
  3. OWTS permit if on septic system (San Juan Basin Public Health)
  4. Proof of registration for sales & lodging tax with Colorado Dept. of Revenue. County lodging tax is 1.9% outside Town limits (total 8.8% tax rate).
  5. Notification of Owners Association (POA/HOA)
  6. Calendar year renewal.

Performance standards include:

  1. A legal dwelling may be used as a short-term rental with a Vacation Rental Permit.  Short-term rental of other structures such as a guest house, yurt, RV or tent require a Commercial Lodging permit.
  2. Occupancy: No more than 2 overnight guests per bedroom, plus up to 2 other guests. At least one on-site parking spot is required for each bedroom--no parking is allowed on County roads except as permitted by the County Engineer.
    The International Code Council (ICC) defines a bedroom as "a room primarily intended for sleeping purposes." If it has a closet AND a door, we generally consider it "a room primarily intended for sleeping purposes" and require the necessary arc-fault protection, smoke detectors, and proper egress windows.  Lofts will be evaluated for building safety on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Ads for Vacation Rentals must include their Land Use Permit number (i.e. VR19-999).
  4. Neighbors will be notified after approval.
  5. Notice shall be provided to renters of relevant County & POA regulations and requirements.
  6. Refuse shall be properly managed.

The annual (calendar year) application fee is $400.

* PLPOA Short-term Rental Notifications Page

Special events like weddings, meetings, or corporate retreats; and renting a guest house, RV, yurt or tent sites, require different Land Use Permits, and must be separately permitted for a Vacation Rental.

For more information, contact Pam Flowers, Code Enforcement Officer, at Archuleta County Development Services--Planning Department, 970.264.8381, or email