Below is a list of forms and links you may find useful. If you have problems with any of the links or need help completing any of the forms, please contact our office at (970) 264-8310.

Colorado Department of Local Affairs - Division of Property Taxation


Change of Address Form
Changes your mailing address for records and mailings from the Assessor and Treasurer. It does not change your address for motor vehicle or voter.

Residential Rate Form
This form is an application to have a vacant land parcel that is contiguous to a parcel with a residence on it be taxed at the residential rate (7.96%) instead of the non residential rate (29%). The vacant parcel must be used in conjunction with the residential parcel.

Manufactured Home Purge Documents
Information and applications to purge a mobile home.

Property Protest Form
This form is used in lieu of the protest portion of your Notice of Value.

Request for Abatement or Refund of Taxes
These forms are used to request an abatement or refund of taxes. The abatement process is used to correct taxes that have been levied erroneously or illegally due to erroneous valuation for assessment, irregularity in levying, clerical error, or overvaluation, § 39-10-114(1)(a)(I)(A), C.R.S. Please see the instructions regarding the filing of this form. If you protested your value during the Notice of Valuation process, you are not eligible to apply for an abatement or refund.
One Year Abatement Petition
Two Year Abatement Petition
Important information and instructions for filing a petition for Abatement

Personal Property Declaration Schedule

Short Form Instructions    Application - Use if you hold ownership in your name.
Long Form Instructions   Application- Use if hold ownership in a trust.
These forms are used to apply for the Senior Exemption. Applications are due by July 15. The applicant MUST attach a copy of their driver's license with the application or the process will be delayed. The applicant needs to be 65 as of January 1 of the year they are applying and have lived in the house as their primary residence for 10 years consecutively as of January 1 of the year they are applying. If you do not qualify, you will receive a denial letter stating the reason for the denial and the next year they will qualify. If you are approved you will not receive notification the exemption will appear on subsequent tax bills. Unless requested by the Assessor's office, you will NOT need to fill out another application after the first one has been submitted.

Disabled Veterans Exemption Instructions   Application
Disabled Veterans Surviving Spouse Application

Applications for Religious, Schools and Charitable Exemptions
These applications are to apply for the exemptions shown above. Please use the link for additional requirements and information.