Archuleta County Airport Regulatory Document

The following Archuleta County Airport, regulatory document is provided for your downloading.

Airport Minimum Operating Standards - This document identifies the minimum operating standards for commercial airport activity as well as rules and regulations.

Noise Abatement Policy

Current Federal regulations restrict airport operators (like Archuleta County) from imposing restrictions that may reduce airport access, for example, curfews, limitations on hours of operation, and bans on aircraft types.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the only agency with the authority to direct or control aircraft in flight. Therefore, all flight procedures must be approved by the FAA prior to being implemented.

Based on current FAA regulations, airport operators around the nation have developed Noise Abatement and Mitigation Programs, using voluntary measures for aircraft operators. It is only through cooperation that the issue of noise abatement and mitigation can be effectively managed.

Based on a previous environmental assessment, and current Stevens Field noise levels, the noise level and subsequent impacts do not meet the FAA requirements to be considered “significant” by the FAA, therefore FAA support for measures such as mandatory curfews or major changes in airport status are unlikely. 
Stevens Field has developed a Voluntary Noise Abatement Policy in an effort to be responsive to the concerns of our neighbors, and mitigate/minimize the impact of aircraft operations on the community. Stevens Field will make use of multiple media to notify aircraft operators of the Noise Abatement Policy in an effort to “Be a Good Neighbor”.  Please direct aircraft noise complaints to Archuleta County Airport at 970-731-3060.

Stevens Field Policy - Voluntary Noise Abatement

SUBJECT: Voluntary Noise Abatement

In an effort to be a good neighbor, and in an attempt to mitigate aircraft noise exposure to area residents, Archuleta County Airport, Stevens Field offers the following recommendations:

RW 19 is Stevens Field preferred landing runway for noise abatement. The Archuleta county Airport, Stevens Field prevailing wind is from the south which also supports landings on RW 19. Stevens Field asks that all aircraft use the full length of the runway for take off, and that during departure, aircraft climb at best rate to at least 1000 AGL, making a reduction in power as soon as safely possible. After departing RW 19,turn left to heading 150 in order to avoid noise sensitive areas south of RW 19. Archuleta County Airport is standard left hand traffic. Nothing in this policy letter is intended to override safety of flight.