Animal Ordinances


  • Owner: Any person or entity, owning, keeping, harboring, possessing, or having control of dog
  • Nuisance Dog: No owner shall willingly and knowingly permit a dog to be a nuisance dog. (loud, habitual and persistent barking, howling, yelping or whining, sufficient to interfere with any person in the reasonable and comfortable enjoyment of life or property.) CO 4.3
  • Running At Large: The running at large of any dog in Archuleta County is hereby prohibited. (Dog not under control.) CO - 4.2
  • Vicious Dog: It shall be unlawful to own or possess a vicious dog. (Dog that without provocation attacks or threatens a person or other animal.) CO - 4.4
  • Rabies Vaccination: All canines over 12 weeks of age and residing in Archuleta County shall be vaccinated against rabies using a vaccine administered by a Colorado licensed veterinarian
  • Under Control: Dogs shall be kept under control by their owners at all times. CO 4.1
    • On a leash of sufficient strength to restrain the dog
    • Confined in a building, fence or other structure in such a way that he does not escape. Or is on property possessed by its owner
    • The dog is to be within sight and hearing distance of its owner, keeper or family member, who upon command can call dog within a distance of four feet of such person