Programs & Services

The Administrative Department is hard at work with the overall management of personnel and fiscal resources of the Sheriff’s office. This department consists of the Sheriff, the Undersheriff, the Office Manager and the Administrative Assistant.

Lorena Medina, the Office Manager is responsible for managing personnel records, the budgeting process and fiscal oversight. The Office Manager is held accountable for maintaining the State's requirements concerning the Patrol Division as well as dealing with legal motions seeking confidential file disclosures. She is in charge of the execution of all Sheriff's sales for the county, provides clerical support for the Sheriff and his staff, manages funds taken in by the department, keeps track of time for department personnel and handles the case files.

The Administrative Assistant is the first person the public sees when entering the Sheriff's Office, located at 85 Harman Park Drive. The Administrative Assistant performs vehicle Identification inspections (VIN inspections), serves as the Concealed Handgun Coordinator, processes civil paperwork and does fingerprinting for employment requirements.

The Administrative Department is always available to assist with any questions that the public might have.