What To Expect: SNAP households will see a reduction in
monthly SNAP benefits in March 2023 and Medicaid renewals and
disenrollment’s will begin with renewals due in May 2023 and continue for
a year based on a member's annual renewal date.

Medical, Food and Financial Assistance

Apply for Public Assistance:

Paper Applications are available in English and Spanish
Online service for Coloradans to screen and apply for medical, food, cash, and child care assistance program. To apply online click: 

Colorado Peak.  

Medicaid (Health First Colorado) And Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Medicaid provides a free or low-cost healthcare insurance.  CHP+ is a low-cost health insurance program for uninsured Colorado children ages 18 and under whose family earnings do not qualify them for Medicaid but they cannot afford private insurance.
If you already receive any of these services you may check the status of your benefits by creating an online account through PEAK.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The federal food assistance program (SNAP) is available for income-eligible individuals and families.  It's not necessary to be receiving other assistance in order to be eligible, but people don't receive food assistance automatically income eligible individuals and families must apply and be determined eligible. Food assistance can be used to buy food only. Alcoholic beverages, pet food, tobacco, paper products, or other nonfood items cannot be purchased with food assistance benefits. If determined eligible the benefit amount will be placed in an electronic account which can be accessed by individuals through the Colorado Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system. EBT cards are accepted by most grocery stores.
Please refer to Colorado Program Eligibility and Application Kit for eligibility.  
There are also several Food Banks locally that may assist with food assistance. Information on those food banks and hours of operation are listed below.

Food Pantries

The food pantries are still operational, with some minor adjustments for the safety of clients and volunteers.  For more information, please visit the Archuleta County Food Coalition website at Food Pantry Network For Archuleta County

TANF / Colorado Works

Colorado Works – Colorado's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program – provides cash assistance to families in need. It is designed to help families become self-sufficient by strengthening their economic and social stability. Through this program, individuals who are pregnant or have dependent children, and who meet other eligibility requirements, can receive monthly basic cash assistance (BCA) payments, help with emergency household expenses and services, such as counseling, and training. 
For more information, visit the Colorado Works Website.

TANF Diversion:  

This program provides a one time work related financial need, limited to adult family member with dependent children.

Aid to Needy Disabled (AND)

The AND Program provides a small cash assistance benefit to low-income Colorado residents ages 18-59 who have at least a six-month total disability that precludes them from working and who are not receiving Social Security Insurance benefits. Monthly cash benefits are provided until such time as a person is eligible for disability. Persons who are U.S. citizens or legal residents may be eligible.

Aid to the Blind (AB)

Monthly cash benefits are provided for adults who are legally blind and who do not receive Social Security Insurance benefits until such time as a person is eligible for disability through the Social Security Administration. U.S. citizens and legal residents may be eligible.
For information regarding Supplemental Security Income or applying for Social Security Disability, please visit the Social Security Administration website.

Old Age Pension (OAP)

Provides assistance and health care benefits for eligible low-income adults aged 60 or older.  For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Human Services website.

Low Income Energey Assistance (LEAP)

Provides financial assistance to help low income households with winter home heating costs.  Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is a program for families and individuals with limited incomes who need help paying their heating bills. The program is open from Nov. 1 through April 30 and provides help with heating costs to eligible families. Payments are made directly to the vendor providing the heat source.

The Archuleta County Low-income Energy Assistance Program is now administered by Discover Goodwill of Southern Western Colorado.   See the Colorado Energy Assistance website for LEAP program information and the most up-to-date guidelines. 

To Apply: 

Applications are available on the Colorado Department of Human Services website or by calling 1-888-775-LEAP (1-888-775-5327) any time between November 1 and April 30.
  • Return your completed application in the addressed and stamped envelope or Fax your application to 719-633-9098
  • Mail to: LEAP
    P.O. Box 39200
  • Colorado Springs, CO 80949