I Want To

  1. Appeal My Property Tax Valuation

    Information on appleaing property tax valuations.

  2. Apply for a Building Permit

    Information about building permit requirements, applications and fees.

  3. Apply for Food, Medical or Cash Assistance

    Information on government assistance eligibilty requirements, and the application process.

  4. Apply for a Job

    Find and apply for job opportunities with Archuleta County.

  5. Apply for a Liquor License

    Information on applying for a liquor license.

  6. Apply for a Marriage License

    Information on applying for a marriage license.

  7. Contact Department Staff

    Find and contact County staff.

  8. Do Business With The County

    Information on doing business with the County.

  9. Register My Vehicle

    Information on vehicle and mobile home registration.

  10. Register to Vote

    Information about voter registration.

  11. View How My Property Taxes Are Spent

    See an estimate of how your property taxes are spent.