County Budget

Archuleta County’s budget is essential for the efficient and effective management of the programs and services offered to citizens of the county. The Board of County Commissioners, county administrator, and staff put a great deal of effort and time into preparing the annual budget.


The budget process is overseen by the Budget Officer and the Finance Department and includes considerable participation by administrative staff, department staff and elected officials under the scrutiny of the Board of County Commissioners.

Public Hearings

Public hearings and work-sessions open to the public are also held, inviting questions and comments from county citizens. The calendar year budget process begins each preceding July, with the issuance of a Budget Process Calendar. Per the requirements of Colorado State Statutes, the final budget is adopted on or before December 14.

2019 Budget

This information conveys some of the concerns driving the 2019 (and prior year) budgets.

This is the presentation delivered at the Dec. 12, 2018 budget hearing, prior to consideration and adoption of the 2019 Budget

This document contains the 2019 budget detail, account by account and fund by fund, as approved and appropriated on Dec.12, 2018.

Note:  The final "2019 Budget Book" is expected to be over 300 pages and is still under construction and review.  It will be posted to this site as soon as preparation and review are completed, and in no case later than the State mandated deadline of Jan. 31, 2019. 

Approved Budgets

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