Fair Board

The objective of the Archuleta County Fair Board is to unite our community by preserving our history through building memories, encouraging cooperation, creating learning opportunities, providing entertainment, as well as developing healthy competition for exhibitors of Archuleta County enrolled in 4-H and open class competitors from any geographical area of the world.


Archuleta County Fair Board 2016


Betty Shahan 970-264-2416
Charlotte Williams 970-264-1014
Jason Cox 303-204-3033
Lashay Brown 505-787-1224
Linda Moulton 970-731-2534
Lisa Jensen 970-264-0430
Lori Unger 970-731-6740
Randy Schnose 970-731-1348
Rob Keating 970-946-2064
Sarah Martin 817-825-9744
Shelly Cox 303-204-4141
Sylvia Goossens Thompson 970-264-0875


Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month, commencing at 6:00 p.m. at CSU Extension Office.

Agendas and Minutes